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App of the Week: Cycloramic

By on May 7, 2014 in Car Phones | 0 comments


Cycloramic has been our favorite panoramic app since before the sharks tried to eat Bruno, and each other, in that Shark Tank episode that made this the most popular app for iPhone lovers across North America.

What does it do?

Cycloramic creates 360° panorama pictures by taking high resolution photos of scenery as your iPhone5 goes around in a circle all on its own (no hands!).

It takes around 14 pictures total for the 360° view which it then stitches together to recreate the whole scene that can be viewed thru the app’s immersive 3D viewer.

The innovative hands-free feature, which uses a kind of gyroscope and the phone’s vibrate functions to turn bit by bit to take pictures, is the patented technology that made this app a winner for the sharks, and us here at SecurOMax.

Watch the clip from Shark Tank:

Place your iPhone5 upright on a flat smooth surface and watch it do all the work for you. You can even clap or whistle to signal when you want it to start shooting!

The hands-free function only works with iPhone5/5s, thanks to its’ flat base. When there is no flat surface around, the guided mode is also easy enough to point and shoot and the pictures come together seamlessly. This guided mode also works for iPads and iPhone 4 or 5c that do not have a flat base.

Other apps from the same shark bait (or the Cycloramic family of apps):

Cycloramic          $1.99

Shoots 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° panoramas

Photo editing tools from Aviary: filters, adjustments, stickers, frames etc.

Converts photos to videos

Guided and Handsfree (for iPhone 5/5s) modes

Quick sharing functions to social media.


Cycloramic Pro  $2.99

Does everything above, with extra features like 4xHD and White Label included.

selfie360               Free

This is Cycloramic’s younger sister that takes panoramic pictures of scenes with your selfie as the focal point! It has 3 modes you can play with for animated selfies:

1. Portrait captures a panoramic selfie of your profile by taking several shots starting from your left profile to the right.

2. Panorama lets you take a selfie with a moving panoramic photo of the scene behind you.

3. Full 3D Selfies gives you an animated selfie of your whole profile. (This mode needs a friend to hold the phone to shoot successively while walking around you.)

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